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No matter what the future brings, we'll always need fantastic, captivating illustrations and the people who create them. But Meeco illustrators are good for a lot more than simply drawing on paper. They put their skills to use developing new products, creating memorable characters and telling enchanting stories. They use the latest in digital technology to create their work and are busy defining what great illustration will mean in this new age of communication. Great ideas come before pencil touches paper, and our illustrators play a big part in generating new visions.


Meeco Illustrators,


- Create new and engaging characters for product ranges and storybooks.

- Maintain their individual looks and styles in all the products they create.

- Go beyond the printed page, applying their work to 3D and gift products.

- Create new and innovative concepts from scratch.

- Dig into research materials to examine trends in design, typography, fine art, fashion and popular culture that can take their work in unexpected new directions.


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