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Drone360VR Services



All services listed are delivered by the 'Drone360VR' partnership

Check out some of our Drone360VR partner projects:

Please note:
Some videos on this playlist will allow you to use google cardboard or alternatively you can use the navigation buttons located at the top of the youtube video screen to experience the video in 360 degrees.

Our DRONE360VR Services

The 360VR Headset Experience

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Formula 1 driver? Ever dreamt to jump ? Now you can live the experience! Be anywhere, anytime. The possibilities are endless.
From extreme sports to exotic themes, rollercoaster rides, anxiety treatments, entertainment and more, 360 video puts you at the center of action with a natural and engaging 360 degree video and audio experience.

Packing the latest in technology from our dreamboys at the Drone360VR workshop, our team can deliver the best in 360VR headset and kinetic style experiences to your event or occasion anywhere at anytime.

to book a demo and let us take you somewhere you may never have been…

DroneCam (4K Resolution Aerial Photography and Video)

With our radio-controlled DroneCam service, we can access areas that traditional video and photography just can’t reach. Working safely anywhere from ground level to 400 feet in altitude and up to 500m distance (In the UK), we can record in 4k resolution reducing to 1080p or any other format (if required). Audio can also be delivered via Boom Mikes (If required).

*Live streaming is also available and can be delivered subject to suitable WiFi Coverage. (This may incur additional fee’s)

**Bespoke Video Post-production service available. (This may incur additional fee’s)

The service includes public liability insurance of up to five million pounds and the facility to extend to ten million (if required). We adhere strictly to guidelines and safety procedures necessary to ensure the safety of crew, the public and buildings.

With over twenty years experience in flying RC and photography within our team, we offer a range of service packages that is second to none.

Our team of professional pilots and camera crew are able to capture shots that previous production crews treble the size could only provide. This means the costs for our clients are lower and more affordable with services and prices to suite all budgets.

Our equipment is amongst the most advanced in our field and through our research and development department, we are always striving to stay one step ahead of our competitors. With our Aerial Platforms we have opened up a whole new world of Aerial Imaging. Let our qualified drone pilots show you photography and film from a completely different point of view.

Our DroneCam service is a fully licensed operation supplying aerial 4K photography and filming services with “Permission for Aerial Works” granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our pilots hold a BNUC-S Pilots license, which is administered by EuroUSC, a specialist assessment and accreditation body recognized by Civil Aviation Authorities.
We always carry out comprehensive pre-site and on-site surveys to comply with the guidance set down by the Civil Aviation Authority for unmanned aerial systems and are also members of the Association of Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS-UK) and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems Association (UAVS).

Check out some of our DroneCam projects HERE

Service Deliverables:

  • DroneCam Footage (rushes) can be provided in whatever format and to whatever media the client requires.

  • *Embeddable live stream video (If Live Streaming is required)

  • ** Bespoke Promo Video

Full day and half day rates available - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION

360VR Video Production (Delivered by Official Kolor & GoPro Ambassadors)

Ever missed an event or occasion? What if you could experience being there?

Our 360VR service aims to really exceed client expectations by delivering high quality immersive 4K 360 degree video and photo content for a range of projects and purposes. This new and emerging medium is accessible to a wide range of markets and is versatile in its ability to provide a unique experience for your brand, its products or services. Our specialist team constantly explores new technologies and challenges to further expand its 360VR offering to our clients because every project is different. Therefore, we are not scared of challenges. We love challenges…

Check out some of our 360VR projects HERE

Service Deliverables Include:

- Video for Youtube Viewable by Youtube App or via Chrome Browsers (or latest firefox), Google Cardboard and other immersive headsets (E.g. Samsung Gear VR).

- Embeddable video for your website.

- Upload to a Kolor Eyes account (Optional).

- 360VR still images for digital or print purposes (This may incur additional fee’s)



Drone360VR Video Production

Ever had the experience of flying? This may be the closest you get?

This unique service is the first in the UK to provide a combination of 4K aerial video, photography and 360VR media. Suitable for a wide range of purposes, events and occasions, our Drone360VR services is designed to provide that special unique experience in creating views that aren’t normally accessible.

If you are looking for a truly awesome and unique experience for your brand, service or product, then this is for you...

Check out some of our Drone360VR projects HERE

Service Includes:

- Video for Youtube Viewable by Youtube App or via Chrome Browsers (or latest firefox), Google Cardboard and other immersive headsets (E.g. Samsung Gear VR).

- Upload to a Kolor Eyes account (Optional).

- 360VR still images for digital or print purposes (This may incur additional fee’s)




High Quality Digital Video Post Production Services

Additional production services (Available but will be subject to additional costs)

With over 15 years production and post production experience in delivering high quality video media to our clients, our specialist team will work with your footage to produce the best branded promo video outcome for your brand, service or product.

Service Includes:

- Digital video in chosen formats including .mp4 at 1080p, 720p (E.g online marketing use - youtube).

- Video can include all relevant logo’s, graphics and texts.

- Upload to chosen video platform (Optional).


Social Media Platform Event/ Occasion Management

Advanced social media management of up to 3 social media platforms.

This package aims to offer customers a viable option for social media management for promotion of events, occasions, competitions etc. for up to the period of 1 month.

Service Includes:

- Updates + Amends to accounts in line with proposed / approved strategy

- Content creation management and publishing (up to 16 posts per month at optimal periods)

- Customer service + Engagement

- Analysis and reporting



(Hourly) Social Media Platform Management Services 

Choose from a combination of social media managements services to suit your needs, including:

  • Social Media Campaign Planning

  • Social Media management system setup

  • Content Generation and Publishing (Use of stock imagery will incur additional charges)

  • Metrics and Reporting

  • Social Interactions

  • Bespoke items not listed may incur additional charges


DroneCam Streaming Service

Using our DroneCam and/ or Video Production services, live streaming can be delivered (subject to suitable WiFi Coverage). Live stream events can be made available on our client platforms (E.g. Youtube etc) to allow your audience to further engage with your event through our DroneCam or Production team live streams.

To engage further with your audience live, before, during and after your event.


Mini Drone Workshop(s)

A fun packed 2 hour workshop with a professional drone pilot. Participants will have fun learning to pilot their mini quadcopter drone (suitable indoors and outdoors). With tips, tricks and challenges, this workshop promises to deliver a fantastic experience to those aged 8+. Best of all, they get to keep their drones!



360VR Headset Kits and Experiences 

Want to keep the experience going at your own time and leisure? Get your own headset kit and continue the experience from the comfort of your own home or at your own events. 

With a purchase of a headset through Meeco London, our team will provide the no-headache setup, training and ongoing support for your headset kit(s), along with access to our wide range of our exclusive 360VR Video Content.




Your Own Branded 360VR Video Experience

Using one of our existing 360VR videos, we can customise an introduction or end graphic for your brand. Perfect for organisations who want to deliver key marketing messages to their audience.  

If you wish to have your own custom 360VR video created professionally, please see '360VR Video Production' and 'Drone360VR video production' in the services above.