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2D & 3D Services



3D Modelling Services

At Meeco London, our 3D Modelling and Art professionals love working on the weird and wonderful.

Using a blend of traditional and modern approaches, we start with pen and paper to realise the concept and vision before turning them into artistic creations.

Our specialist 3D and Art team are experienced in designing, building props, producing characters and creating environments of all types for games and animations. We also develop concept products and produce astounding visual sfx and more.

Here at Meeco, we ensure that all our models are of the highest quality and meet your needs.

2D & 3D Animation Services

There's one thing we love more than creating 3D Models, and that is to bring them to life . We animate characters and environments with unique personality and characteristics to enhance viewer or user engagement. The Meeco team live for the moment, we see ideas and bring them to life, and we'd love to help you with your ideas, whatever they are.

Whatever you imagine, we'd love to make it a reality. Just take a look at our Portfolio Here!

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