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Mobile Apps



Meeco London helps businesses plan, define and manage their mobile ecosystem, providing inspiration and building intelligent business solutions.

Working at a strategic and operational level, we deliver iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and HTML5 apps that embrace the power of mobile.




Strategy & Roadmap:

- Mobility Values

- Device Options

- Mobility Road Map

- KPI's & Objectives


Framework Definition:

- Brand Guidelines 

- Security Guidelines

- Process Guidelines  

- Mobility Principles



Design & Development:

- Solution Architecture

- User Interface 

- Development & Q+A

- Backend Integration


Support & Maintenance: 

- Software Assurance 

- Analytics & Reporting



System Infrastructure:

- Backend Discovery 

- Web Services 

- Enterprise Mobility Management


Mobility Management Framework:

- BYOB Policy

- MAM & MDM Consultancy

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