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Meeco London offers an unrivalled service to our clients by providing specialist knowledge and industry know how that will help them develop their businesses and ideas. Whether you're a recruitment agency looking to create a web presence or a furniture supplier who is seeking to add a new revenue stream by utilising eBay, we can help you.


"We help turn good ideas into GREAT ideas!" - Just take a look at our Portfolio Here!


Our business partners generally have good ideas for selling their products and services but sometimes they just need a little bit of expertise to help them along the way. Our goal is to make technology an asset not an issue. Here at Meeco London, we see too many situations where a good company has real potential to be a great company but is being held back due to a lack of technical and/or business expertise. Meeco London offers this expertise as well as solid advice on how to grow your revenue stream. As your technology partner we do not grow unless you grow, our aims are your aims and our future is your future.


Entrepreneurs - Looking for guidance?

Got an idea but not sure how to get it off the ground and generate income? Meeco london helps entrepreneurs like you every day. We can offer advice in sales & marketing strategies or we can create an IT infrastructure for your business idea.

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