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MORE FROM CES - Instagram App id now like Polaroid's New Camera!

14/01/14 Inventions,Events,Business,Oi,Guerilla News,Tech News
MORE FROM CES - Instagram App id now like Polaroid's New Camera!

Polaroids latest camera, was revealed live at the CES, the camera has the same curved edges and color scheme of Instagram's icon.

The camera gets the point across quite effectively as you see it you will recognise this camera. It will print your photos instantly and awash in an appropriately faded filter.

This camera is not for National Geographic photographers, it’s a cool toy to bring to parties or family events, this camera is a portable, compact photo booth all on its own.

And just as it will allow you to capture and save your memories, it also features WiFi connectivity that will allow you to share your photos on your social media platforms. It’s got 4GB of internal storage and a Micro SD slot to add more, it also includes the ability to track your photos by assigning them unique QR codes. And if you really love to personalise things, then you can dress up the camera like a hipster Barbie in glossy plastic covers and leather carrying cases.

Source- Yahoo


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