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What didn't make the list at CES 2014?

6/02/14 Inventions,Business,Oi,Tech News
What didn't make the list at CES 2014?

Here is a list of the 5 Weird And Wacky Gadgets that did not make it to the list of the CES 2014

While the biggest trends at this year’s CES were wearables, curved  and smarter homes tech and cars, there was plenty of room in Las Vegas for wonderfully weird gadgets. However what about the projectors on wheels, iPhone tasers, a high-tech thighmasters, and even a 3D food printer.                


  1. Sen.se Mother- The Sen.se Mother connects to your home network and keeps track of what you eat, steps you take and where your kids are, all the while looking at you with its green glowing eyes.
  2. Kooky Keecker Projector on Wheels- The Kooky Keecker is a 1080p projector on wheels, so you can take your shows wherever you go. You can also play games, as it runs Android 4.2.
  3. Inmotion SCV Personal Transporter- Inmotion’s SCV R1 personal transporter is about half the size and half the price of Steve Wozniak’s preferred mode of transportation.
  4. ChefJet 3D Food Printer-Cooking your own food is so last year. 3D System’s ChefJet is a printer that can create edible three-dimensional objects out of sugar, from candy and cake toppings to decorations and pretty much anything you can make on a 3D printer.
  5. PrioVR Gaming Body Suit- 9-8- Once you strap into the Yei Technology’s full-body Prio Virtual Reality gaming accessory, your PlayStation 4 controller will seem like an Atari joystick. It also will translate your movements into whatever character you’re playing in a game, making for a much more immersive experience.



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