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Full-Body Virtual Gaming

14/01/14 Inventions,Gaming,Oi
Full-Body Virtual Gaming

At the launch of the CES 2014 Virtuix Omni debut was quite exhilarating because people were able to try and test the all-body virtual reality gaming system, but due to the fact that it displayed a sleek new design. This is a huge improvement from its prototype that went viral over the Internet early last year, it boasts an all-black look and a circular motif, which did not differ very much from the original, just slimmer.

At the CES 2014 the manufacturer had Showcased its 40 capacitive sensors and its ability to be more accurate by offering analog motion instead of tracking leg movements with a Microsoft Kinect.

The CES 2014 Virtuix Omni debut was quite amazing and impressive.

Source- Trend hunter


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