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CES 2014 presents the 3D food printer!

14/01/14 Inventions,Oi
CES 2014 presents the 3D food printer!

The food-creating 3D printers will be launching later this year, which was unveiled in Las Vegas.

This printing machine makes chocolate and sugar-based confectionery shaped in ways that would be difficult to produce by traditional methods. The printing machine has now become more advanced, from making 3d metal object and replicate food.

The smaller printing machine, called Chefjet, is limited to monochrome creations, however the larger Chefjet Pro can create multi colored objects.

The basic version of the printer will cost about £3,050 and the more advanced printer is more expensive.

Both of these models can print using chocolate, or sugar infused with vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon flavours.

The larger printer has the advantage of being able to create "photographic-quality" pictures by mixing together different mediums that can then be wrapped around cakes and other surfaces.

Source- BBC


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