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Snapchat was leaked; So was Your Phone Number Posted Online?

7/01/14 Oi
Snapchat was leaked; So was Your Phone Number Posted Online?

While you were celebrating New Year on Tuesday night, some people were sending pictures and videos of their parties via Snapchat, this is a popular app that allows users to send messages that quickly delete. however, during your celebration your information including 4.6 million other Snapchat accounts leaked online as a free download.

The database contains username and phone number pairs from Snapchat accounts in 76 different U.S. area codes. If you’re worried that your Snapchat account was leaked, you can download the database from SnapchatDB for free as an SQL dump file or a CSV text file.  

The last two digits of each phone number are deleted, but SnapchatDB says it would be prepared to release the uncensored database “under certain circumstances.” That probably means a Bitcoin payment, considering SnapchatDB provides contact information and a Bitcoin wallet account for users to make donations.

SnapchatDB was temporarily suspended, but is active now. If the website goes down again, users can also check GS Lookup to find out if their Snapchat account was compromised.

Source- IBTimes


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