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Get your Hands On: Sony Xperia Z1S

7/01/14 Inventions,Oi
Get your Hands On: Sony Xperia Z1S

Sony’s Z1 flagship smartphone was officially broadcasted in early September of 2013.  Until now, the only way to get it is if you purchase it in from the US. However that’s about to change, because, Sony and T-Mobile have announced the Xperia Z1S to be released in the UK. The T-Mobile-exclusive, slightly-tweaked Z1 should go up for presale in the US on January 13, and be available in retail stores on 22nd January.

Here are some Highs and lows about the phone so far: Highs

  • Impressive camera hardware

  • Waterproof

  • Slim, stylish design

  • Nice screen

  • Underwater camera ability seems niche

  • Splashing water activates touchscreen

Source - Digital Trend



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