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Are You Ready for Bendable TVs?

7/01/14 Inventions,Oi
Are You Ready for Bendable TVs?


This week at the  Consumer Electronics Show, the major television manufacturers are focusing more on pixels and screen resolution, as builders they push out a diverse range of ultra-high-definition and organic light-emitting diode widescreen TVs.

Samsung reveals new products at CES, including the bendable TV.

Samsung LG Electronics have been rolling out curved smartphones in recent months, and they also have been busy bringing the same technology to their TVs, promising to give consumers an immersive IMAX-like experience at home.

Not everyone likes curves on their TVs. And that has given the South Korean rivals just the excuse to show off their latest toy to the CES crowds: widescreen TVs that can bend at the press of a remote control button.


Source - WSJ Blogs


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