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Sony are now in partnership with Netflix!

7/01/14 Inventions,Oi
Sony are now in partnership with Netflix!

Sony are collaborating with Netflix who offer to bring a costly, new ultra high-definition televisions to more homes.

At the surprise appearance of Sony’s news conference, the chief executive of the Silicon Valley streaming-video company has stated “it will start offering content in super high-resolution that will be delivered over the Internet to play on Sony’s Bravia TVs from this year”.

“It’s a chance for the Internet to really shine,” Hastings said.

Sony has leaped towards the new TV technology, often called UHDTV or 4K (for the 4,000 pixels in the screen measured horizontally), which promise four times the resolution of existing TVs. Sales of the 4K TVs are seen as critical in turning around Sony’s loss-making television business, and this year’s show was again heavily focused on the topic.

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Source - WSJ