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Video games are now considered Art!

30/12/13 Art,Events,Oi
Video games are now considered Art!

Have you ever seen a video game in a Exhibition?

Video games are widespread and becoming more resourceful within the modern society. Since the introduction of the first video game, the field has captivated exceptional artistic individuals. A combination of traditional art forms such as painting, writing, sculpture, music, storytelling, cinematography like video games offer artists a way of communicating with and engaging the audiences in a unique way.

The Art of Video Games is one of the first exhibitions to explore the forty-years of video games as an artistic form, with mesmerizing visual effects and the creative use of new technologies.

The game introduces some of the most influential artists and designers during five eras of game technology, from developers to contemporary designers. The exhibition focuses on the involvements of graphics, technology and storytelling through some of the best games chosen by the public, demonstrating the growth of the video game. The games are showcase through still images and video footage. On the other hand, the galleries will include video interviews with twenty developers and artists, large prints of in-game screenshots, and historic game consoles. Chris Melissinos, is the collector of video games and gaming systems, and also the curator of the exhibition.


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Source- Americanart