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Research show that Macbooks can spy on you without any warning.

6/02/14 Oi,Tech News
Research show that Macbooks can spy on you without any warning.

A recent research study was carried out by the University of Johns Hopkins and revealed that it is possible to remotely activate a built-in laptop webcam without actually activating the warning LED next to the webcam. Using the 2008-era MacBook and iMac models to test the technique, they said that similar techniques could work on modern day computers from different sellers.


This suggests that if you have a laptop with a built-in camera, it’s possible for a spy or a government agency to remotely access your computer and then spy on you, and you wouldn't even know.

Stephen Checkoway, a researcher and computer science professor stated that the 2008-era MacBooks they studied had a hardware interlock that made sure the green LED glows whenever the webcam was active and capturing video, however he alongside the university graduate student Matthew Brocker, figured out a hack to bypass this security protection by reprogramming the microcontroller of the internal iSight webcam.


Scary thought. Find out more about it HERE