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Which printed products do you have to pay VAT on?

31/12/14 Featured News,Finance,Guerilla News
Which printed products do you have to pay VAT on?

Which printed products do you have to pay VAT on?

VAT does apply to some printed products...but not all of them.

If you’re interested in buying print, it is really important to know what printed products are VATable and which are Zero Rated, as obviously this affects how much you will be paying.


* Books
* Booklets
* Brochures
* Catalogues
* Directories
* Flyers (to be distributed by hand) * Journals
* Magazines
* Manuals
* Maps
* Sheet Music
* Newsletters
* Newspapers
* Pamphlets
* Price lists (without an order form) * Timetables 

You should be aware that leaflets are a special case and there are some conditions that must be fulfilled in order for the product to be Zero Rated. Firstly, there must be a significant amount of text on at least one side of the leaflet. This is to ensure that the product is being printed for hand-held reading purposes, as opposed to wall mounting/hanging. Secondly, the leaflet must be printed no large than an A4 piece of paper. Thirdly, the leaflet must be a single, self-contained item and not part of a larger package. Finally, the leaflet must not be printed on paper heavier than 230gsm. With alls these conditions met, a printed leaflet carries a zero VAT rating. 

* Acceptance cards
* Business cards
* Calendars
* Certificates
* Compliment slips

* Coupons
* Delivery notes

* Diaries, envelopes
* Folders

* Forms
* Invitations
* Invoices
* Labels
* Letterheads
* Postcards
* Posters
* Questionnaires
* Stationery
* Stickers
* Tickets
* Transparencies 

It should also be noted that some print/design services are VATable

* Scanning
* Lamination
* Binding
* Duplication of photographs
* Design work
* Photography
* Photocopying

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