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Council Looking To Ban Takeaways Being Eaten Outside

26/03/14 Featured News,Oi
Council Looking To Ban Takeaways Being Eaten Outside


The experience of leaving the chippie unravelling your much looked forward to, fish and chips may possibly be long gone and a thing of the past with Liverpool City Council as they are considering to bring in a ban on eating takeaway meals outside. This ban may be brought in because Liverpool City Council reckon that this will help stop littering.

Many takeaway lovers say that this will take away thousands of people’s simple pleasures, however the morning after a busy Saturday night in the town in not at all pleasant when the pavements are covered with littered kebab paper, takeaway boxes and drink cans from those who have been on a night out in the town centre. This move will mainly affect, kebab shops, fish and chip shops, fast-food outlets and takeaway shops / stands.

There have been many mixed opinions on this possible ban, a number of people reckon that bringing this ban in is a good thing for the fact that it may help stop the littering, on the other hand a number of people are against this idea and dislike the ban in the simple fact that their simple pleasures of tucking into their fish and chips wrapped in newspaper with a wooden fork outside will be taken away from them.

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Source: Metro