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What? Wireless Electricity!?

26/03/14 Inventions,Oi,Tech News
What? Wireless Electricity!?

Wireless electricity, it's here! No electricity in the air just a harmless magnetic field. In fact, the same magnetic field used in Wi-Fi routers, completely harmless and perfectly safe so don't worry about getting zapped!

How does it work? A "Source Resonator"- a coil of electrical wire that generates a magnetic field when power is attached. When a device is brought into this magnetic field it then induces a current in the device as a result of this you are now able to transfer power and the device begins to work.

With this new found amazing technology, it is said that the homes of the future, wire-free energy transfer will be as easy as wireless internet.

If all goes well, your smartphone will be able to charge as you wander around your home. Those who have electric cars will be refuel whilst parked on the driveway!

This could be an amazing step for the future, family home without wires, wireless medical technology the list goes on. This also opens the door to any number of new creations.

The idea of eliminating cables would allow designers to redesign things in ways they haven't yet thought of!

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Source: CNN