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Door Evolution!

14/03/14 Inventions,Art,Oi
Door Evolution!

Austrian Designer Klemens Toggler has designed a new radical style of door to potentially take place of all doors in the future.

The door has a rolling and folding mechanism that rolls to one side of the door frame to open and rolls back to close.

This futuristic design and movement of the door really is amazing! Instead of a single panel with hinges, this new evolution door is made up of four folding triangular panels which fold in on itself and twists at the gentle push of a finger before straightening up and going back to normal form on the other side of the door frame.

However, you do need a certain amount of space on one side of the door frame. If you do have the space then this is a really intriguing idea as this invention uses less space than your normal swinging hinged door.

Definitely worth checking out! CLICK HERE to read more about this amazing new invention and CLICK HERE to watch the video.

SOURCE: Dezeen.com