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New phone Q20 brought to you by Blackberry

5/03/14 Inventions,Oi,Tech News
New phone Q20 brought to you by Blackberry

Blackberry is not looking to compete with with iPhone and Android, however it’s looking to be different and be the next trend.

The new Q20 smartphone comes with a touch screen keyboard and a old-school trackpad. But it also has a 3.5-inch touchscreen similar to the iPhone.

The original Blackberry users will most likely appeal to Q20, moreover as the users of blackberry have resisted changing their devices to touchscreen phones they will most likely to be drawn into the new Q20 and new users as well.

David Braun- CEO has stated that "The Q20 is a good way to shore up the base, which is important, but what it doesn't do is provide a compelling reason for new people to switch from Android or iPhone to BlackBerry". The Q20 will be available "in the second half of 2014”.



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