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Battlefield 4 - Take the battle into your hands

6/02/14 Gaming,Oi
Battlefield 4 - Take the battle into your hands

Battlefield 4 features an intense and character-driven single player campaign, fused with the strongest elements of multiplayer. Pilot vehicles, take advantage of the dynamic destructible environments and keep your squad alive.

Multiple game modes: All-out war, Levolution, Amphibious assault, Commander mode. All provide different experiences . Whether it is blowing up a skyscraper, or compact personal watercrafts, or delivering critical intelligence, or deploying powerful war assets.

Throw yourself into the full blown war of Battlefield 4's multiplayer. With support for 64 players and 7 unique game modes available on 10 vast maps.

Competitive game modes and features like: domination, defuse and spectator mode.

Source: Battle field.

Learn how to join the battle right HERE