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Kinect sensors in South Korea

6/02/14 Featured News,Business,Oi
Kinect sensors in South Korea

The South Korean military is now securing the DMZ (demilitarized zone) with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor.

It turns out that Kinect is a very good and cheap way to differentiate between animals and errant North Koreans trying to cross the border, and triggering automatic alerts at nearby South Korean military outposts if a human is detected.

The Korean Demilitarized Zone, which is 160 miles long, 2.5 miles wide, and separates the countries of North and South Korea, has been in place since 1953. Despite its name, it’s actually the most militarized border in the world.

South Korea monitors the DMZ with infrared motion sensors, but these sensors lack the ability to differentiate between animals and people. The Kinect-based system, developed by Microsoft MVP Jae Kwan Ko, can quickly and reliably pick out human intruders.

Source: Extreme tech

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