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Military mind control!

6/02/14 Inventions,Featured News,Oi
Military mind control!

Control the mind, control the person. 

The helmet used by the U.S. military has changed dramatically over the years. An Arizona State University researcher, working under a grant from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is trying to develop a military helmet equipped with technology to regulate soldiers' brains.

The technology is transcranial pulsed ultrasound, which delivers high-frequency sound waves to specific regions of the brain. Under the influence of these sound waves, neurons send impulses to their targets, exerting control over them.

Using a controller, a soldier could release ultrasound pulses to stimulate different areas of the brain. For example, a soldier might want to be more alert after being awake for many hours or relax when it's time to sleep. The soldier might even be able to relieve stress or become oblivious to pain, eliminating the need for morphine and other narcotics.

Source: how stuff works

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