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Wikipedia is now adding voice recordings!

27/01/14 Inventions,Oi,Tech News
Wikipedia is now adding voice recordings!

Wikipedia  (a famous knowledge storage website) has announced they are to use audio clips on the biography pages of famous people. “The idea is that future generations will be able to hear the luminaries in question, as well as read details of their lives and works”.

The Wikipedia Voice Intro Project (WikiVIP) was introduced with the help of author and actor Stephen Fry, who recorded a sample of his speech that you can now hear on his Wikipedia page.

The people who visit these biography pages can hear for themselves to learn how their names are pronounced as they should be not as we think they are pronounced. Over the years, WikiVIP has made sure that we retain the records of how well-known individuals talked, although for the more famous people there’s likely to be a wealth of other digital material left behind as well.

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Source - Digital Trends